Lisa Rose

Yes definitely. He is just having phone appointment atm tho he will call u after. My goodness the other night seemed to have a profound effect on him. The work u do is awe inspiring and it really works.

Gemma Taylor

I would like to say a massive thank you to this group. Because of this group my sister finds it easier recovering. The support and help you guys offer is amazing ! After 1 session my she feels so much better, so much more positive. You's are amazing thank you.

Margaret Harrison

Hearing Kim and Georgia speak today at the Mt Thomson Memorial Gardens was a light bulb moment for me.  It brought an awareness to an issue that I have never considered before but when it is laid out the way it was today it was a real acknowledgement of a family members issues.  Never having considered it an addiction before brought a whole new level of understanding to her issues.  The hard part now is to see if there will ever be any acknowledgement from her.  This will be the families challenge.  So ladies I can not thank you enough for today and I will be regularly visiting your FB page for any insightfulness that it can bring.  I will be reviewing your training you have on there and I will be providing it to my nieces to help them through this as well.  As you said it is a family issue !  I Thank you both for giving me your time to speak tome.

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