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Professional Addiction Training

The Addictive World is actively seeking all people who would like to train with us to know more about addiction. It is important to us that our community knows our philosophy and believe in what our organisation wants to achieve for our families.

Online & Face to Face Available

Willing Leaders

We have an incredible opportunity to work within the community to assit many people to become deeply powerful, happy and whole again.

Online & Face to Face Available

Willing Men

Speak, Feel And Trust In Your Life! Willing Men program helps you to SHOW UP in your own life, The skills you can learn here are essential to your efforts to create a sustainable relationship with all family members. Learn from our experienced male Instructors to overcome personal stoppages and resolve internal and external conflicts.

Online & Face to Face Available

Willing Kids

“We help kids speak, feel and trust.” We talk to kids and parents about their feelings using the analogy of an “emotional volcano.” We draw a volcano on a whiteboard and explain that everyone has different feelings throughout the day. When we don’t express those feelings, they remain in the volcano until it erupts.

Online & Face to Face Available

Willing Women

“We help woman speak, feel and trust.” Willing Women assists women to live a love based existence as opposed to a fear based existence. Women are challenged most days to walk their talk and live the message. 

Online & Face to Face Available

Every family member is impacted and we assist each person to move towards love based existence.

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