Willing Kids

Our focus is improve literacy by improving mental health. Improving mental health builds literacy.

Our Willing Leaders inspire, motivate and engage. The goal is to give kids the skills to help them self-manage their emotions when facing life’s, friends and family stresses.

Imagine the analogy of thoughts and feelings being stuck in an ‘emotional volcano’. Everyone has different thoughts and feelings throughout the day. When we don’t express those thoughts and feelings they stay stuck in the volcano bubbling away then the emotions erupt. You know what happens next the crying, hitting and kicking ….. 


That’s where Willing Kids Program enters the scenario to assist our children to self-manage.

Our Goals:

  • Develop skills to have a healthy connection to self and others

  • Positive wellbeing and happiness

  • Improved literacy supports mental health

  • Improved mental health builds literacy

  • Use new communication skills to resolve conflict

  • To have a new language for expression

  • Empowers children to choose and build supportive and strong relationships

  • Have confidence and self-worth.

Children will experience ‘3 Conscious Choices’ using storytelling, fun, animations and a talking circle. They journey down Investigator Drive to find the meaning for themselves of each Conscious Choice, speak what that means for them if they would like and learn ways to manage the feelings as they surface.


The Willing Kids ‘3 Conscious Choices Program’:

The 3 CC”s have been chosen from our foundational ‘9 Conscious Choices’ framework from our ‘WILLING’ Programs for parents, men and women.

How long is the program?


The one hour program has a flexible framework and can include any activities such as dance and or meditation that the group relates too.


Who is the program suitable for?


Children who are aged between 3 to 7 years and Parents, Grand parents, Teachers and Carers who have and work with children of those ages.


Every family member is impacted and we assist each person to move towards love based existence.

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