Professional Addiction Training

The Addictive World is actively seeking all people who would like to train with us to know more about addiction.

It is important to us that our community knows our philosophy and believe in what our organisation wants to achieve for our families.
There are so many families experiencing uncertainty and don't know where to go next, when Addiction touches their family.

THE ADDICTIVE WORLD WORKS WITH THE ENTIRE FAMILY to help disconnected families back to connection. We have families seeking answers and looking for pathways on how to cope and manage addiction?

Many of our clients experience heartache, frustration and pain due to the lack of education around addiction.

In this professional training you will gain education and skills in:

  • An understanding of what is addiction

  • Stages of addiction

  • How to manage negative reactions when dealing with an addiction family

  • The Acting out the addiction Family Roles

  • How to Manage the chaotic addiction family lifestyle.

  • Show you that the person with the addiction has an addiction they are not their addiction. Just as I have hair but I am not my hair.

  • The Addictive World will train you in their exclusive addiction cycle

  • The Addiction Cycle (Exclusive)

  • How to resource support 1300 4 Addiction

  • Learn about the Addiction market place

  • How to Assess and what to look for in an Assessment

  • Fast recovery route for our Addiction families.

If you want to know about addiction then we want to know about you whether you have 10 degrees or are a mum living in an addicted family seeking info.

Our training can translate across any of these areas Addiction, depression, Anxiety, PTSD, changing the way you view this forever.

If you don't leave our training with some new perceptions we will give you your money back.
This training is for everyone ... mums, dads uncles aunties learn about your family dynamics and what is really going on.

If you are a Counsellors, Social workers, Psychologists attend our one day training is worth 6 OPD points check ACA website:

The cost: is $97


If you are a Counsellors, Social workers, Psychologists attend our one day training is worth 6 OPD points check ACA website.

Every family member is impacted and we assist each person to move towards love based existence.

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